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Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is an very old breed that lives in all of Russia and not only in Siberia.
The average age of an Siberian is between 12 and 16 years.

The Siberian is in different colors: black, black tabby, blue en blue tabby, red, creme, blue creme and silver. 
With those colors the may have white in every amount. Preferred green eyes color.
If the color of the Siberian Cat is colorpoint than they are named differently: “Neva Masquerade”
A colorpoint has to have blue eyes.

The Siberian is a well built and sturdy muscular cat with a half-long hair coat. The head is quite large wedge, firm and solid cheeks, 
and a rounded muzzle. The forehead is something around and he has a solid chin. The cheekbones are heavily encouraged. In the ears the 
need to have plumes. We prefer to see also plumes on the tip of the ears.

The eyes are big and placed a bit diagonally and rounded. The eye color may be green, yellow and orange but only one color. 
The neck is rather muscular and with a full lush collar. The body is medium to large, with the paws its a kind of a rectangle.
This means that the hips and the shoulders are on a par with each other. The chest from the Siberian is wide. Medium
powerfull legs with round feet. Between the toes visible long hair, also called snowshoes.
The tail is of length that you can folded it to reach to the shoulder. The coat is medium to large with a dense
undercoat, water repellent, and a oily topcoat. This gives good protection against freezing temperatures. 
Females can weight around 4 to 6 kilogram and Males between 6 to 9 kilogram.
The total development can take 5 years!

Siberians are very good climbers and if the have the possibility the be outside the coat will be fuller and more beautiful.
Their affectionate of character and loved to be cuddled. They follow you around everywhere. They are very social and loved to be 
in company of other pets, childeren and people.

Hypo-allergenic coat

Hypo means less chance of an allergenic reaction. The Siberian is one of a few breeds that have an hypo-allergenic coat. It is because
of the protein Feld 1 is in very little amount present at the saliva in the mounth. A cat washes itself that makes small particles that lingers in the air. This is were the most people get a allergic reaction of.

If you are allergic, we advise you to test your allergic reaction in a Cattery always before you buy a Siberian Cat.