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About us

Petra met Elsa

I am Petra and I live with my family in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. We have dogs and Siberian Cats.
Since our first Siberian we are totally in love with this breed.

In 2010 we have got our first Siberian girl. Today we have a lovely group.
We are very pleased with these cats. We breed occasionaly with our cats. Our goal is to breed typical Siberians with good
health and nice character.  All the parents of our kittens will be tested on hereditary disease in order to exclude as much as possible.

We select our lines very carefully also from the cats that come live with us.

We breed especially traditional colors with silver, white and/or dillution.
There will no more neva's been born in our cattery because we breed as much with parents without neva-gen.
We don't only breed in colors because health and character are number 1 with us!
Of course we breed kittens which are according to the breeding standards from the Siberian Cat.
We try to breed with new blood lines from abroad for improvement of the breed.

Petra has passed the course G1, G2 and G3 from Pawpeds and has the required knowledge for breeding.

The name of our Cattery is created by the merging of the first three letters from Siberian Cat and the
country of origin Russia merged: Sibrussia!

We are member of the Fifé association Felikat